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Interactive Whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard is a device that combines both of these attributes, offering shared learning experiences for large or small groups, as well as for distance learning. It is typically mounted to a wall or on a floor stand. Through the projector projects the computers desktop onto the board’s surface, where users control the computer using a pen, finger or other device.

Features of Interactive Whiteboard:

  • Changes made to information projected onto the whiteboard are transferred to the computer and can be saved and retrieved in future.
  • Can use a variety of methods including video clips, the internet, interactive presentations and colour visuals.
  • Intelligent pen holder of Ergonomics, easy learning and easy using Solution-board.
  • Non-paper appliance, safe environment protection.
  • Quick respond and fluent writing.
  • Includes downloadable image software which is easy to use and install.
  • Different size Screen is wonderful for different kinds classroom.
  • High resistance surface -Special low gloss for projector.
  • Easy maintence and set up.

Functions of Interactive Whiteboard:

  • Mouse function:Can replace mouse completely,Supports single-double click and right click etc.
  • Remark function:Support all remark functions of application software.
  • Writing function: Provides various pen and pen-line types.
  • Whiteboard function:Supports creat new pages and without limited for its page. 
  • Zoom function: Supports zooming or enlarge functions.  
  • Edit function: upports object edited fuctions for copy, delete, move etc.  
  • Searchlight function: Surports searchlight's moving and operation for change colours or shapes etc.  
  • Cover function: Supports shelter screen in around freely.  
  • Gallery function: Suppports open gallery, users can append or delete documents discretionarily.  
  • Multimedia input function: Supports various documents input for Flash, PPT and Vindeo etc.  
  • Multmedia record function: Supports to keep the voice and witten contents as multmedia documents and replay, copy etc.  
  • Camera function: Supports camera function.  
  • Index function:Supports whiteboard index function.


Interactive Whiteboard are used in a variety of settings such as in classrooms at all levels of education, in corporate board rooms and work groups, in training rooms for professional sports coaching, broadcasting studios and more.

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