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Magnet Lifter

Magnet lifer is made of high energy magnetic material, so it is small, light and strong in lifting. With unique magnetic circuit and nearly no remanence, it has high safety coefficient 3.5 times minimum and max. pull off strength. With security button, the handle can be operated by one hand, safe and convenient. There is V-shaped groove at the bottom of the lifter and it can lift corresponding round steel and steel plates with permanent magnetic force and without power supply. It can be operated in field and used to lift and carry steel products, mechanical parts and moulds.

Features of magnet lifter:

  • Powerful magnet tested to hold OVER THREE TIMES the rated load for maximum safety.
  • Rated for loads up to 3000kgs, if required can up to 6000kgs.
  • Eliminates dangerous straps and slings.
  • Fast, safe, efficient loading and unloading.
  • Easy to handle.
  • ideal for handling finished or rough, flat or round ferrous loads. 


Use Lifting Magnet to move plate steel, block or round steel, and iron material in your shop. Super-powerful lifting magnet requires no electricity. It's perfect for loading or unloading most workpieces including press molds, plastic molds, machined parts, etc.


Simply move the lever to the "ON" position to engage the magnet. Spring-loaded lock keeps the magnet engaged until you release it.


  • Never move the lever to the "ON" position unless the magnet is placed on an iron or steel object.
  • Never lift more than the maximum rated load.

Other Names of Magnet lifer :

Permanent Lifter,Permanent Lifting,Lifting Magnet,Magnetic Lifter,holding magnet

Manufacturer or Supplier of  Product:

Universal (Ningbo) Magnetech Co., Ltd.

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