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Vials with Child-resistant Caps

A vial (also phial) is a relatively small glass or plastic vessel or bottle, especially used to store medication as liquids, powders or in other forms like capsules.They can also be sample vessels. Vials with child-resistant cap is uesed widely in curatorial area. Refers to vial definition from WIKI.

There are Different Types of Closure Vials Systems:

  • Screw vials closed with screw cap or dropper/pipette.
  • Lip vials closed with cork or plastic stopper.
  • Crimp vials closed with a rubber stopper and a metal cap.
  • A vial can have a tubular shape or a bottle-like shape with a neck. The bottom is usually flat unlike test tubes which have usually a rounded bottom.
  • Modern vials can be made of plastic, e.g. polypropylene vials. These can have other closure systems like a flip-top/snap cap.
  • Child-resistant Caps with special closure systems.

The features of Vials with Child-resistant Caps:

  • Vials child-resistant Caps with special closure systems.
  • Conform to "tight & light" standards.
  • Pharmacy amber  or green and blue color plastic vials.
  • Vials arrive fully assembled.
  • Can be available in convenient sizes.
  • Each case contains 10% FREE convert-a-caps for use when a child-resistant cap is not desired.
  • But easily opened with one hand by grown-ups.
  • Some vials with child-resistant caps with two caps options, one is child-resistant caps, the other is snap cap.Cases include 10% non-lock snap caps free of charge.

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China Suncity Plastic Vials Factory

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