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Popular Fleece Fabric

The fleece fabrics are good enough in quality along with friendly price.

Fleece Items included so many series, but we are professional at leisure fabrics, like sherpa fleece, Micro fleece. Micro fleece and Sherpa Fleece both are anti-pilling effect,Which are through pilling machine with high temperature to brush and cut fabric surface fur and rolling it at machine to come out pilling size. Micro fleece pilling size is small and narrow, Sherpa fleece pilling size is bigger and longer. Both items are warm and comfortable to wear,easy design but looks nice, very popular choose for leisure wearing at winter season. Especially welcomed by European Market.
The fabrics are good enough in quality along with friendly price.Therefore,many new design garments with serious colors to be exhibited in the stores of HM,ZARA,UNIQLO,and Tesco,Warmart ,etc.. The function of fleece items are keeping warm for body ,also showing nice shape of ladies and gentles.The most important thing is to save their pocket! So these kind of fabrics are well liked by markets where has winter season.

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Simer textile

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