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Led Working Lights

Led work lights usually are used at night or in special condition. It should be professional, durable, applied, waterproof, simple operation and safety, so go ahead and make your job a lot easier. Its beautifully finished, professional lighting tool, an exceptional work light for technicians who work in auto, aircraft, and machinery repair, HVAC and appliance repair. A great addition to any tool box - an excellent gift for any technician or apprentice!

Features of LED Flashlight:

Led work lights usually has a specially designed light. It easy to fit into places that can not be entered by other trouble lights. Some exclusive design features can prevent snagging the light head on wires or fuel or brake lines when you are removing it from a work area that is tangled with wiring and brake or fuel lines. The state-of-the-art high performance LED is integrated into a specially engineered reflector which enhances the light pattern.

Typs of Led work lights:

Portablework light and stand work light are more common.

Portable work light is made of hard plastic. It is usually used at field, often has a belt holder. It is taken more Convenience and light. Most of portable work lights are rechargeable.

Stand work light is rugged die-cast metal construction£¬cooler and safer. The stand includes a stand having a cross bar and at least one work light.


Led work lights are applicable to the gas station, each kind of exhibition of the factory premises, database building, public place, hall, highway charge would the exhibition hall illuminate and the other need point lighting of place. Portable light for work around the home; at work as a trouble light in auto repair, for electricians, plumbers and home inspectors, carpentry repairmen, HVAC servicemen. You can take it camping for use as a tent light or area light.

Manufacturer or Supplier of  Product:

Very Flashlight Co., Ltd.

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