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Led Flashlight

LED Flashlights - An LED (the acronym for Light-Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor “chip” that converts electrical energy directly into light. An LED is called a solid-state light source because it has no gas or liquid components, as do other flashlight sources. LED Flashlight possess some tremendous advantages over flashlights with incandescent lamps.

Features of LED Flashlight:

First, LED Flashlights can last thousands of hours versus less than fifty hours for high-output incandescent lamps.

Second, because LED Flash lights are very robust in construction, and have no mechanically delicate parts such as glass bulbs, filaments, or filament supports, they are extremely resistant to vibration and shock, making them well-suited for the combat environment or for mounting on firearms.

Third, LED flashlights produce virtually no invisible infrared radiation, as opposed to incandescent lamps, which emit over 85% of their output as infrared, and therefore LEDs are much more efficient in producing light than incandescent lamps — an important factor for battery-operated flashlights. And fourth, they will emit light over a wide range of power input making LEDs the natural choice for adjustable-output light sources.

Typs of LED Flashlight:

Aluminium Led Flashlight/Alu Led Flashlight,Plastic Led Flashlight, Mini Led Flashlight, Strong Beam LED Flashlightand other innovative design of Led Flashlight.

LED Aluminium Flashlight is one type of serviceable flashlight. These flashlights made with a solid aircraft aluminum case, can stand up to the roughest abuse.

Plastic Led Flashlights are made of ABS plastic. Anti-shock switch, non clip with comfortable plastic skin of the LED flashlights.

Mini led flashlights are small, bright, low price, easy to operate. Mini led flashlights need a little powers, so their lives are much longer.

Strong Beam LED Flashlight have more powerful LED lights and significant amounts of heat. Their LED bulbs use less energy than regular bulbs and the batteries will last longer. Its solid aluminum casing is shockproof and virtually indestructible.

Maintance of LED Flashlight:
For the lens and body,  just use a mild cleaner and a damp cloth to clean it. Don't use harsh abrasives,  especially on the lens. Polycarbonate lenses will scratch easily.

Manufacturer or Supplier of  Product:

Very Flashlight Co., Ltd.

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