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Flashlight with Tool

When you need lights, a flashlight with tool can satisfy you. When you need some tools, a flashlight with tool can also satisfy you. When you need lights and some tools at the same time, a flashlight with tool is the best choose for you.

Features of Flashlight with Tool:

A flashlight with Tool solves this problem. Commonly this tool is a knife, a Mini scissors, a nail-clipper and so on. More than a pocketknife, some kinds of flashlight with tool is 5-in-one tool is perfect for the backyard astronomer.  For example, a flashlight is together with a red LED flashlight, a retractable writing pen, flat-head screwdriver, mini scissors, and a knife. It just 2-1/4 long and you can keep it on your key ring so it's always handy. Some kinds of amazing multifunction pocket tool with LED flashlight; it is a great camp tool combination for lover of camper.

Innovative Product - Flash Light with Tool Box:

Flash Light with Tool Box is an essential necessary tool must kept at home or garage for daily use. With poweful spot light and stylish shape inside with "T" type ratchet screwdriver socket, precision with different size and head.Travel around with you anywhere. It's small, but you get everything inside. It requires less than 4xAA batteries.

A good flashlight tool set is every handyman's dream. A flashlight combo tool kit Includes ratchet handle with ten screwdriver bits, eight sockets and an extender for those hard-to-reach places. This is a great promotional tool kit to have when disaster strikes, can be kept in car, boat, garage or basement.

Manufacturer or Supplier of  Product:

Very Flashlight Co., Ltd.

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