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Dynamo Flashlight

Dynamo flashlight is actually an electrical generator which used a magnetic field (and your kinetic motion) to create an electric current.

Advantage of Dynamo LED Flashlight:

You can even leave the flashlight unused in your car's glove box for years and you'll always get that all-important light when you need it most. The Dynamo Flashlight pays for itself quickly by saving you the cost of batteries and bulbs.Unique design lets you see how your kinetic energy is transformed into electricity.

Features of Dynamo LED Flashlight:

  • Light your way with the Dynamo Kinetic Flashlight.
  • Hi-Intensity LED flashlight store up to 1 hour’s worth of Super bright LED light.
  • Low beam (one LED) or high beam (three LEDs).
  • Never needs batteries.
  • Never needs bulbs.
  • Durable, waterproof material case, high-impact construction.
  • Visible for over a mile.
  • Great for cars, boats and campers and all emergency kits.
  • Fold-away crank handle.

Manufacturer or Supplier of  Product:

Very Flashlight Co., Ltd.

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