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Compacted Led Lights

Various led flashlights are produced,such as Compacted Led Light, which shape of appearance is round and so on. It is easy  focus lighthead; Folds flat for easy storage; Super bright compact light.

LED Light Bulb of Compacted Led Lights vs. Compact Fluorescents:

The LED light bulb contains no mercury, therefore requires no special handling when broken. This bulb is smaller and contains no filament, making it more durable. The bulb does not get hot, and it uses less power than the compact fluorescent -- about 15 percent of the energy needed for a standard bulb to create the same amount of light, according to Taub. Among the many benefits of LED use, this bulb requires less maintenance, having a lifespan of 60,000 hours compared to the compact fluorescent lifespan of 10,000 hours, according to O'Neill.

Features of Compacted Led Lights:

Compacted Led Light, which shape of appearance is round and so on. It can be folded flat for easy storage and super brought compact light. Because very few high-output LED flashlights, compacted Led Light can use a plastic body. Sometimes it also uses aluminum bodies or glass bodies. Compacted led lights can be fixed a place, so easy focus lighthead.


Compacted Led Lights can be designed different colors and has a lower price, so they can be used to decorate usually.

Key Specifications:

  • Three-in-one slim and compact smart light.
  • Energy-saving bulb with LED illumination.
  • Circuit protection for overloading and over charging.
  • Elegant folding pin for convenient storage.
  • Rechargeable function to charge rechargeable AAA batteries.
  • Function as night lamp.
  • Built-in flashlight function .

Manufacturer or Supplier of  Product:

Very Flashlight Co., Ltd.

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