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Water Indicating Paste

Water indicating paste provides a fast, reliable way to detect water bottoms in storage tanks containing gasoline and gasoline/alcohol blends, diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil, solvents and other materials.

The features of Water Indicating Paste:

Water Indicating Paste can be used with a oil measuring tape,oil gauging tape, oil dipping tape, rod or calibrated line to determine water or gasoline level. It was used to detect any water presence and water level in the tank, in the field of Petrol Chemical Industry, gas stationand or other areas. It cause the speed of reaction fast, borderline of the level clear, long.

When the pastecomes in contact with water it will immediately change from white to pinkish/red,marking the level. You can also use it to successfully gauge all petroleum and by-products for water content, plus sulphuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, ammonia, soap solutions, salt and other chloride solutions.

Description for Applications:

  • Simply spread a thin film of the paste on the tape or brass bob where the water level is expected to appear.
  • Lower tape or rod into tank until bottom is recheached.
  • The paste turns to positive contrast of brilliant colors contact with water.
  • Water Finding Paste turns red upon contact with water. Creates a sharp mark and is an effective top level indicator of waterin gasoline, kerosene, and gas oils; A few seconds longer required for heavy and dark oils.
  • Easy to apply, no need to mix. Fast, easy cleanup .

Other names of Water Indicating Paste:

Water indicating paste also called water finding paste or water finder paste.

Manufacturer or Supplier of  Product:

China Eastern Tape Measure Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

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